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[ID: Artwork of Luigi from Super Mario. A green hatted overall wearing mustached plumber. He's smiling and has his hand raised. End ID.]

Quick Luigi drawing.


[ID: Digital artwork Toadette from Super Mario franchise. A pink mushroom creature. She's jumping while also winking and waving at the viewer. End ID.]

It's her!


[ID: Digital artwork Iggy Koopa from Super Mario franchise. Iggy's a lanky green shelled turtle-like creature with a yellow tan body. He has a tuff of upward green hair on the top of his head. Iggy wears black-framed glasses over his blue eyes, and black spiked braces on his thin wists. In the artwork Iggy's hopping on one foot while waving his magic wand that's emiting a green magic. End ID.]

Human? Perry

[ID: Artwork a human perry from super princess peach. Perry has light blue hair and tan skin. He wears a pastel yellow cape with light blue trim. There's a red brooch on the the top center of the cape. End ID.]

An idea for how Perry looked before being turned into a magic parasol?? He was described as a young boy, so I imagined a child.

Practice Bowsers

just some sketches of bowser... trying to get the hang of him