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track the tiger sketch

one of my sonic ocs... trying to get their body type more down? i'll maybe clean this up later i dunno? btw theyre nonbinary, their pronouns are they/them! :3c

Banana the Porcupine

Redesigned my sonic oc Banana because I honestly didnt really think out their design too well the first time. This time i spent more time on it, haah!

Anyway banana's personality can be summed up as "big brat" lol! They think ur lame and won't hesitate to tell you so! Oh and their relationship to my other sonic oc Track is akin to siblings!

Sonic Pennys

Fan art done for SnapCube's aka Penny Parker's stream of Sonic Unleashed.

commission done for cattakana

I don't think I posted this here, oop! Commission for Star's sonic oc Grizz the Kangaroo! Was super fun to do!! I love drawing sonic characters, the style is so fun!

My sonic ocs Banana the Porcupine and Track the Tiger in classic sonic style!

new sonic oc, they're tough but shy

I designed a sonic sona for my friend Spoofy!