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[ID: Artwork of a character named Nill. They wear a blue stripped turtle neck, blue pants, light green hat. Clipped on their shoulders of their shirt is a purple cape. Nill's expression is slightly concerned. They're floating in a dark purple vibrant space. There's various colorful lights floating around them. End ID]

Nill Art

idk some art of my oc Nill


[ID: Artwork of an original character named Nill. Nill wears a striped blue long sleeved shirt with darker blue pants. They also wear a purple cape and light green hat. They're latinx and are of tan complexion with brown eyes and no hair. Their expression is slightly shy/timid. End ID.]

Hey. Hey. First artwork of the year! My character Nill. Wanted to draw them a more up to date new full body pic.

More artwork of my character Nill.

Art of my character Nill... They're from a cartoon idea I've been developing.