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naiad asked:

What kind of entity is the sona from your profile pic? It's so fascinating and I love how whimsical and artistic they are tbh.

My sona is meant to be some sort space creature. Their "hair" is like constantly moving bubble-like space stuff? I imagine they can shapeshift a bit too. Lol I just make it up as I go. They don't really have any other lore besides all that. They're just me but if I was a cool space creature.

I made them because I wanted another persona other than my little tiger one, so when making a new one I went for stuff I really like and what folks already associate with me. I like space, bright colors, and fancy clothing. And then added design aspects I enjoy. I actually wasn't too happy at first with the design but I've definitely refined their design as I've drawn them and now I really love it.

I def noticed I tend to draw them more over my tiger sona to express melancholy feelings of mine more. Where as my tiger sona I draw more for silly stuff or when I'm lazy. Of course this isn't always the case, but for the most part true it seems. So I guess I represent different parts of me through both sonas, aha.