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In the Doorway

ITS OCTOBER!!! Its time to draw images of my horror oc Miss C Red! She's a shapeshifting dream monster with power over nightmares and reality. Here she is coming out of the darkness of a scary doorway. Ooo....


a elf(?) cowboy vigilante

June Again

some art of my oc June again.

[ID: Artwork of a 35 fat black goth named June. They are depicted in three head shots and one full body pose. The two right headshots show them smiling and their profile. The middle full body post has them shrugging and smirking. The last headshot to the right has them squinting in confusion. June's attire consists of mostly black sweaters and goth jewelry. They wear round black shades and their black hair is up in a messy bun. Their lips are painted with black lipstick. End ID.]

realizing theres nothings stopping me from posting my more sloppy sketch stuff here. so here i am. heres my oc helena again, i like drawing them atm.


[ID: Artwork of a character named Nill. They wear a blue stripped turtle neck, blue pants, light green hat. Clipped on their shoulders of their shirt is a purple cape. Nill's expression is slightly concerned. They're floating in a dark purple vibrant space. There's various colorful lights floating around them. End ID]


some sketches of my character Helena (they/she)

Crater City Misc Stuff

More stuff of the Monster of the Week tabletop stuff I've been doing w my friends. The first drawings is of @nightsprout character Lazarus. The second stuff is childhood fun times with Belen, Laz, and their friend Wilbur. Belen was a child of chaos and misfit.

belén outfit stuff

drew belén in some oufits


Belén (they/them) is like currently my favortite oc tbh.


Character for tabletop rp with some friends of mine. They're a cheeky biologist interested in learning about supernatural creatures. They work in a sanctuary for rare creatures, but in their off hours they search for info on monsters. Yes, they purposely look like a dodo.

Nill Art

idk some art of my oc Nill

track the tiger sketch

one of my sonic ocs... trying to get their body type more down? i'll maybe clean this up later i dunno? btw theyre nonbinary, their pronouns are they/them! :3c


Guess I should make this its own proper art post.. This is an oc I havent drawn in a good while. They're alien popstar who wants to spread music and love to the universe. I ship them with my friend's oc YAI who's an AI idol. They're lowkey inspired by this song, aha...

Banana the Porcupine

Redesigned my sonic oc Banana because I honestly didnt really think out their design too well the first time. This time i spent more time on it, haah!

Anyway banana's personality can be summed up as "big brat" lol! They think ur lame and won't hesitate to tell you so! Oh and their relationship to my other sonic oc Track is akin to siblings!

Trigger Tigershark

An old splatoon oc I redesigned. She runs a small street concessions stand. Buy a hotdog from her. Shoplift if u want to perish.


[ID: Artwork of a 35 year old black goth character. They are smirking at the viewer. Their black hair is in a bun and they're wearing circle framed sliver prescription sunglasses. They have black lipstick on. Their clothing comprises of a big dark grey jack over a black top and grey pants. On their neck is a black choker with a small sliver skull. End ID.]

Artwork my oc June (she/they) looking pretty cool if I do say myself! June is hella goth and bi! Gotta make new art of their husband Derrell sometime. My other oc Eies is their son actually!


[ID: Artwork of an original character named Nill. Nill wears a striped blue long sleeved shirt with darker blue pants. They also wear a purple cape and light green hat. They're latinx and are of tan complexion with brown eyes and no hair. Their expression is slightly shy/timid. End ID.]

Hey. Hey. First artwork of the year! My character Nill. Wanted to draw them a more up to date new full body pic.

Leaking Out Hands

my oc Miss C Red again, its her time of the year

Helena Hell, an oc of mine. They or she pronouns.

sloppy art, but hey its those two. my ocs.

someone: *says hi*

pilot random: *does random anime pose*

wait did i ever post these sketches here? this my oc Op-TICK! he's an eyeball monster? he's grumpy. he's from a comic i've been developing for years, who knows when it'll come out tho lol...