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Help Those On Deathrow or Life in Prison


tw: death, racism, prison

We must continue to advocate prison and death pentalty abolition. The system is inherently racist and deadly for black & brown communities.

Innocence Project is a org that helps people wrongly convicted. Donate here.

Here's a list of people you can directly help. This is an incomplete list of course as there are surely many others, feel free to message me others or add on in a reblog.


Reblogging this again because Dustin J. Higgs is sentenced to be excecuted on Jan 15 2021. Things are urgent.


Reblogging this onto my main for more traction, this will be the last week to try to save Dustin John Higgs's life. Friday will be the last day. Check out the links above next to his name for information and ways you can help. Please spread info everywhere you can and get others involved when you can. If you have any other information that can be added, please send it my way so I can add it to the post.