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Commissions Open

Decided to finally open commissions on the marketplace!

I'm new to using it so allow me some patience as I figure it out, aha! Check out my artist profile on there if you're interested!

Commission for BlueMaelstrom

[ID: Digital artwork of a pokemon style trainer character. She has pale skin, brown eyes and long black hair. She's wearing a shiny blue jacket over a white dress with a faint geometric pattern. Her shoes are white sneakers and she's wearing pink thigh high sockings under them. She's turning back and holding a pokemon ball in an outstretched arm towards the viewer. End ID]

Pokemon style commission done for sibmaerto on twitter. Want to commission art from me too? Commissions open on Commission Marketplace.


my sona again


[ID: Digital artwork of Toadette from Super Mario franchise. A pink mushroom creature. She's jumping while also winking and waving at the viewer. End ID.]

It's her!


Character for tabletop rp with some friends of mine. They're a cheeky biologist interested in learning about supernatural creatures. They work in a sanctuary for rare creatures, but in their off hours they search for info on monsters. Yes, they purposely look like a dodo.

Nill Art

idk some art of my oc Nill


[ID: Digital artwork Iggy Koopa from Super Mario franchise. Iggy's a lanky green shelled turtle-like creature with a yellow tan body. He has a tuff of upward green hair on the top of his head. Iggy wears black-framed glasses over his blue eyes, and black spiked braces on his thin wists. In the artwork Iggy's hopping on one foot while waving his magic wand that's emiting a green magic. End ID.]

5 Minute Artist Meme

yeah did that thing too

Nat Puff aka Left at London

[ID: Digital artwork bust of Nat Puff aka Left at London. Her expression neutral. Nat's complexion is pale and her hair is a short half black and faded red bob. She wears an orange hoodie. End ID.]

Drew a portrait of Left at London. If you haven't heard of her, you def should check her stuff out. She makes great music and funny vids.

track the tiger sketch

one of my sonic ocs... trying to get their body type more down? i'll maybe clean this up later i dunno? btw theyre nonbinary, their pronouns are they/them! :3c

the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma

yes thats a spongebob quote


Guess I should make this its own proper art post.. This is an oc I havent drawn in a good while. They're alien popstar who wants to spread music and love to the universe. I ship them with my friend's oc YAI who's an AI idol. They're lowkey inspired by this song, aha...

check out my animal crossing blog if interested over at @wild-out :3c

Penny Parker: Ace Attorney

fan art done for penny's recent ace attorney stream

Commission - Rocky and Venus

[ID: Artwork of two sonic fan characters. One named Rocky is a grey hedgehog wearing a purple jacket and shades. The other named Venus is lighter grey echidna wearing a dark purple sweater with a pastel yellow star clip in his hair. Both are male. Rocky is holding Venus up in his arms. Venus is waving at the viewers. End ID.]

Commission done for GoshiDoll on deviantart and twitter of his characters Rocky and Venus. These boys got some really cute designs tbh. Was really fun to work on. Bi/Pan rights, everyone.

If you want me to draw your ocs or whatever too, you can open a commission with me on the commission marketplace.

Human? Perry

[ID: Artwork a human perry from super princess peach. Perry has light blue hair and tan skin. He wears a pastel yellow cape with light blue trim. There's a red brooch on the the top center of the cape. End ID.]

An idea for how Perry looked before being turned into a magic parasol?? He was described as a young boy, so I imagined a child.

reminder that i have personal side blog @rubbertig if anyone wants to see me make dumb posts and reblog art ;3

Commissions Open

Decided to finally open commissions on the marketplace!

I'm new to using it so allow me some patience as I figure it out, aha! Check out my artist profile on there if you're interested!

random sketches

just doodling and practicing i guess


Birthday gift art for my friend Fen!! This is their oc Adelaide!

Banana the Porcupine

Redesigned my sonic oc Banana because I honestly didnt really think out their design too well the first time. This time i spent more time on it, haah!

Anyway banana's personality can be summed up as "big brat" lol! They think ur lame and won't hesitate to tell you so! Oh and their relationship to my other sonic oc Track is akin to siblings!