Tiger Toony

animator ✧ comic artist ✧ illustrator

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Do you take free art requests?

No, I don’t. If you want art from me, please instead consider commissioning me! You can also donate $3 to my Ko-Fi and give a doodle suggestion.

What program(s) do you use for your art?

I mainly use Clip Studio Paint EX, but I do use Photoshop here and there sometimes. I also use PureRef to collect reference or inspiration when need be.

What dpi and canvas size do you typically work in?

I tend to work in 300 dpi. I usually work in a pretty BIG canvas, like at least 5000x5000.

What drawing tablet do you use??

I use an Wacom Intuos Pro.

Can I draw fan art of your characters?

Yes! I'd love that! Just please don't create anything inappropriate and overly nsfw. If you ever worried about something being not ok, you are free to send an message.