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Sonic Pennys

Fan art done for SnapCube's aka Penny Parker's stream of Sonic Unleashed.


Hey. Hey. First artwork of the year! My character Nill. Wanted to draw them a more up to date new full body pic.


Last art of the year. Heyo.

Sona Doodles

just some doodles of my persona, playing w colors and style i guess

Lochlady Dress Penny

Drawn for Penny's Super Mario Odyssey streams.

Tested out art steaming on my new PC. It was a success, so expect art streams from me in the future! Will also try out game streaming later as well. Click here for my twitch so you can catch the streams!

Pokemon Trainers Penny & Ryan

Was commissioned by Penny to draw her and Ryan for their new Pokémon X Random Nuzlocke series on SnapCube! Check it out!

Jedi Penny

fanart for penny's star wars jedi fallen order streams

Pokemon Trainer Penny

Fanart done for Penny's (aka SnapCube) Pokemon Sword livestream earlier today! Imitated the pokemon style.

test drawing done on my new pc

Sweet dreams are made of this.

Who am I to disagree?


Drew this belated gift for @nightsprout of their oc Ascent! This character goes by they/them pronouns btw, so please no misgendering.

Leaking Out Hands

my oc Miss C Red again, its her time of the year

Helena Hell, an oc of mine. They or she pronouns.

bday gift for Penny B. Parker aka "Frappe GIrl" !! she turned 21 on Tuesday!!

Icon commission done for SophieBaybey on twitter!

My contributed piece to the spooky 2017 edition of Object Head Zine. You can buy the spooky edition of the zine along with other editions over here.

sloppy art, but hey its those two. my ocs.

sonic sez remember to eat or else you'll become bones and thats no good!

he wore this outfit in the original shorts one time and i never forgot

Happy International Nonbinary Day